Pools Plus Advantage

What is the Pools Plus Advantage?

Simply put at Pools Plus you always have access to a ticketed, Journeyman plumber and gas fitter with over 10 years experience in the pool industry .

With experience ranging from the inception of the pool, through the building and finally maintenance and upkeep stage, you can be secure knowing your pool or spa are in capable experienced hands.
Pools plus prides itself on using the most state of the art digital chemical testing equipment and is always on the forefront of new techniques and products to ensure a safe, environmentally conscious and cost effective solution for you and your family.

The Pools plus advantage is also our exclusive access to 24-7 support for any issues or questions you have regarding your pool or spa.

No Matter the situation, our friendly technicians will ensure a clean, detailed service. Call us today to see the Pools Plus advantage for yourself.

pools plus advantage