Spa Maintenance Plans

Pool Plus offers our spa maintenance plans to ensure your spa is running smoothly and efficiently. Our spa plans cover all the basics of maintaining a healthy spa. As with any Pools Plus service we guarantee a focus on customer service and your overall satisfaction with your spa.

Pools Plus will take the guess work out of keeping your spa running at peak, optimal performance and have you get back to to enjoying the soothing benefits of a perfectly running system.

All our custom designed spa maintenance programs differ from one another but some of the basic functions of our programs are as follows:

  • Spa maintenance

  • Check and adjust chemicals

  • Vacuum and brush spa surface

  • Clean filters and pumps

  • Make sure all equipment is running smoothly

  • Make sure spa area and equipment room are tidy

  • Notify homeowners of any potential issues and offer solutions to best meet your needs

Along with pool and spa maintenance, Pool Plus is also able to offer our services to any water features you may require any help with.

We look forward to working with you to create a more enjoyable spa experience. Feel free to call us at 778.899.8157 or email us direct at

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