Inspections & Repairs

Pools Plus is pleased to offer our years of experience with any and all repairs or inspections needed. In the event you are purchasing a new home that has a pool or spa and would like it inspected we offer our inspection services to you. This may be a viable service to a seller as well, to have Pools Plus inspect your pool prior to selling your home to ensure your potential buyers have the upmost confidence in their purchase.

Pools Plus will perform a thorough inspection of the swimming pool and spa. We will provide a written report summarizing our professional opinion on the state of your pool and / or spa, along with reports on structure, equipment and all other components of the pool / spa.

Did You Know?

We offer an inspection service of pools and spas for potential home buyers. Pool problems can be costly but we are ready to complete a thorough inspection of the pool/spa and equipment and provide a detailed report of our findings, touching on each component of the pool and spa, highlighting any potential concerns as well as an estimate of cost to repair and urgency. The report will be emailed to you, and you will have access to your inspector after completion via phone or email in regards to any further clarification or questions.

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